Advanced Biological Facials

An advanced facial with a resurfacing Algae peel mask and Oxygenating skincare products from DÉCAAR. Its distinctive approach sets it apart from other skin resurfacers, operating from the basal layer to the surface, stimulating collagen and elastin production, and accelerating skin cell turnover from the typical 4-8 weeks to an impressive 72 hours!

Suitable for all skin tones and skin types.

For best results, we recommend the first 3 treatments are taken within 7-10 days of each other.

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Breath of Life Facial

£100, 75 minutes
Package of 3, £285
Experience skin renewal with our most popular "Breath of Life Facial." This rejuvenating journey begins with the incredible oxygen fusion treatment, which revitalizes every cell, pairing it with the transformative Biological Algae Peel to expertly replenish collagen and elastin, enhancing your skin's firmness, while addressing skin discolouration. As well as double cleanse, tone, exfoliation, masks, finishing products and cooling Cryoglobes, this facial offers a deeply soothing and revitalising massage experience, to unwind and rejuvenate.
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Algae Peel Facial

£85, 60 minutes
Package of 3, £240
Transform your skin with our Biological Algae Peel Facial. This facial works deep within, boosting collagen and elastin, addressing the very core of ageing concerns. The impact is profound, revitalising your skin's tone and texture while diminishing skin discolouration. You'll encounter a remarkable radiance, revealing a more youthful, confident version of yourself. Includes double cleanse, tone, exfoliation, masks, finishing products and cooling Cryoglobes.
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Holistic Facials

Bespoke facial treatments tailored to your specific needs, incorporating Organic, plant based Skincare.
Using a combination of facial massage techniques combined with Gua Sha to aid lymphatic drainage, leaving you with a sculpted and glowing complexion. A therapeutic massage of the Decolletage, Neck, Shoulders and Scalp will send you into deep relaxation (and often sleep), ironing out any tension.
All Holistic facials include a Double Cleanse with hot towels, Tone, Exfoliation, Mask, serums and moisturisers as required for the health of your skin.
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Vitality Lift Facial

£75, 60 minutes

A brightening and tightening facial, addressing volume loss, deep lines, and dryness; this invigorating facial awakens your skin's internal systems. Our expert massage techniques, combined with gua sha, enhance the experience, leaving your skin plumper, more toned, and with a visibly brighter and more youthful appearance.

Clear Radiance Facial

£75, 60 minutes

A deep cleansing facial for those with oily, blemish-prone skin and acne. By targeting inflammation and stress, our ingredients calm, reduce redness, and support the skin with prebiotics. The result? Skin that's smoother, brighter, and more balanced, helping you feel confident and at ease.

Timeless Vitality Experience

£105, 90 minutes
Treat yourself to a top-to-toe revitalising experience, where self-care takes center stage. Begin with a deeply relaxing full-body hot stone massage that eases tension and nourishes the soul. Complete your journey with a choice between our Vitality or Clear Radiance Facial, which also includes a scalp massage adding a touch of bliss. Leave feeling balanced, nourished, and renewed from head to toe.
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Luxurious, Bespoke, Hot Stone Fusion Massage

£65 for 60 minutes / £95 for 90 minutes
Our Signature Hot Stone fusion massage is a truly blissful experience. A fabulous blend of skilled hands and soothing hot stones for the ultimate tension relief and relaxation. The warmed volcanic Basalt stones provide a very deep level of relaxation. As the heat infuses into your muscles, pain levels reduce and muscle tightness is stripped away.
Tailored to your needs, it blends relaxation with targeted relief, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and re-balanced.
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